How has it all started?

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How has it all started?

My experience here in Barcelona started in October 5th, 2014 after I just moved from Trieste (Italy). I’ve always loved to travel and all my friends define me a ‘globetrotter’,I guess all I can say is that my Brazil origins, mixed with an italian background and two crazy-life changing experiences of 9 years in Tanzania and 3 in Moscow, did make me a good observer and easy-adaptable person. I decided to come up with this little corner of thoughts and considerations, after I realised that what it does look incredible, strange or new to me, is also empathized and shared by many other people with different customs and backgrounds, who are feeling a little lost in this amazing city.

So why not share my experiences and see if people had my same impression or not?!

Barcelona will be my home for at least other 3 more years, and I hope what I will have to say will be helpful or at least fun and worthreading.

I’m looking forward to hear your opinions and thoughts too.


Ilaria RM


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