El Moment de la Gastronomia

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Like all great things, food is better if accompanied by music, so while you read my few words, I want to share this great song with you (used also in the movie ‘No Reservations’, which is worth watching):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0unWJN6zn4

As it is well known, Italy is considered one of the best countries in terms of cuisine. Not for nothing, Julia Robert in the film ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, goes right to Italy to experience great food.

The debates on the part of my Italian friends about my difficulty adapting culinary, were numerous.
Well, despite my spoilt tastes and my many food allergies, I can say that the Catalan food made me feel at home since the first moment I arrived, especially considering the added value due to the affordable prices of this beautiful country.
For now, I happened to run into several delicious places, but the best in my opinion has two restaurants, one located in the Born: Loft del Born and one near the port: Lonja de Tapas.


20150123_2215410 filename-dscn0338-jpg

Both serve fine food and a tasty menu at a fixed price, which includes several choices for a first and a second course, dessert and drink for only € 10.95*. If you happen to go to either of the two areas (which by the way, are very close one to another) don’t miss the chance to eat there, you will be delighted.

*The menu is available only for lunch (until 5pm) and only Monday to Friday, not during weekends and holidays.


Ilaria RM


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