Palo Alto Market – Carrer dels Pellaires, 30

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One of the most fun and impressive things going on very often in BCN, is the huge variety of markets they set up every week. There is one for each taste.

However the one I liked the most and which I advise you to see, is the Palo Alto Market. The name might give the wrong perception and seem like it’s a market just like any other, but it is not. Palo Alto Market is an incredible agglomerate of things and a great experience occurring every first weekend of the month in Poblenou District (attainable by Metro – Yellow line).


It costs only 2€ and involves a huge varieties of activities, galleries, shops, design and vintage products and tens of food stands all occuring outside.
It’s the most completed market I’ve ever been to; an experience which merges the Woodstock ambience with the enjoyment of buying interesting and particular things, such as: greatly tasting home-made oil mixed with trufle or caramel, amazingly customized shirts of good quality and of limited edition, vintage clothing or accessories, getting a haircut, attending exhibitions, eating so many different tasty foods from lovely caravans, drinking vermouth while enjoying the vibes of the dj under the sun, etc.
It’s amazing like such an event manages to bring together people from different nationalities and age ranges, and all love it.

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So if you happen to be in  Barcelona the first weekend of any month, or you live here but you’ve never been there, make yourself a gift and go check it out 😉
There’s always a quite scary-long queue outside, but don’t worry, it goes really quick.

*Palo Alto market does charge for entry, but if you pay in advance with the zapper app you get discounts/free beer and jump to the front of the line

The next weekend in which is occuring it, will be the 3rd-4th of October from 11am until 8pm, see you there!!


Please feel free to contact me for any more information or question. Also, if you feel like sharing, let me know if you liked the restaurant and what you ate 🙂 .


Ilaria RM


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