Bunker del Carmelo

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One of the most cool things to do on a sunny day here in Barcelona is going to any of the several spots from where you can admire this fabolous city.
Many are famous and therefore accessible at a low price, others are harder to find and reach but are totally free.
One of the best ones, belonging to the second category, is: El Bunker del Carmelo (known also as Turò de la Rovira).


I wouldn’t advise anyone scared of heights or with some health problems to go there. There is a bus which brings you nearby, but that won’t prevent you from still having to deal with a quite steep climb. The easier way to get there for me, is simply to walk up there. From the Hospital of Sant Pau it takes more or less 30mins.

I know it might sound like a lot to deal with, but trust me, once you arrive on the top, the sight that will appear below you, will be totally worth it.



People go there to chat with friends, walk with dogs and why not, drink some beers or wine while listening to music and enjoy the sun and the view.



It’s a place that is good both for your heart, soul, eyes and body. Some excercise followed by the victory of reaching one of my favourite spots in Barcelona. Don’t miss your chance to go, if you happen to visit BCN or if you have never been there until now.

Please feel free to contact me for any more information or question. Also, if you feel like sharing, let me know if you liked the place 🙂 .

Ilaria RM


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