Surf House – Carrer l’Almirall Aixada, 22

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Barcelona, like any Spanish and Italian food, is a mix of tastes and strange combinations of amazing delights. In my first 6 months here, I happened to run in several little places which surprised me for the refined and sophisticated dishes presented in the menù.
The cool thing about spanish alimentation is that most of the plates are served also in small portions, so called ‘para picar’ which means literally ‘to chop’, in the sense of having a little snack here and there.

One of the places that impressed me the most was the SURF HOUSE.

Beside its ravishing view and location very close to the beach, what is impressive, is how they turned a concept so simple in something so cool and mainstream.

map surf

The surfhouse orginates from the idea of having a bar where surfers can go to eat or have a drink straigth after their workout, by simply parking their surf boards outside and entering barefoot and covered in sand and still wet from the sea.

DSCN0802 DSCN0805

Now is a random stop for any sportler on the beach and even for people that want just to chat or have some good time with their friends.


 The idea of healthy food and drinks served in such an original spot and place is a huge attraction for a lot of people, myself included.

At an affordable price, you can vary from 100% fruit smoothies, to milkshakes, baskets of beers, cocktails and really strange combinations of food but that once you bite, make sense with their amazing taste melting in your mouth.



Surf House also organizes outside activities, for further information, check their official website online.


SURFHOUSE, the perfect place where to hang out.

Please feel free to contact me for any more information or question. Also, if you feel like sharing, let me know if you liked the place and what you liked the most 🙂 .


Ilaria RM

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