Studio P 25 – Carrer de Pujades, 52,

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Hello Outsiders!!! To get you in the right mood for reading this article, I advise you to listen to this amazing song:

Since I was younger, I’ve been always fascinated by these amazing exhibitions shown in the movies or tv-series. Sex and the City, The Devil wears Prada, and many others, are an example of it. This environment of art, music, people bonding while having a drink or a smoke.

Maybe for me it seemed always even cooler than what it really is, because in Trieste we don’t have such events, or at least, they are extremely rare.

So imagine how I amazed I was when I discovered that here in Barcelona, not only these kinds of exhibitions are pretty much always, but they are also for free.

So why not going to an art gallery for an aperitivo, instead of just going to a bar?
This is why I spent a Saturday Night in this amazing location: STUDIO P 52


The most impressive thing of this studio, is its size and structure. In fact it is built on 2 levels, it has a huge entrance, followed by a very large corridor, which ends into a room (which becomes a dance floor and where artists perform live/dancing shows) where you can see a very long sink + the level above.

163796534_640 DSCN0704

The biggest peculiarity of this splendid place, is that people do actually live in there and so takes care more easily of the studio itself.

Also, you can interact with the people AND with the ART, which is normally prohibited in the museums and art galleries.

DSCN0653 (1)DSCN0658

The exhibition counts a considerable number of projections, sculptures, paintings, graffitis, live shows, etc

11009219_10152528486231534_5443172314453292893_n DSCN0608

It’s a creative environment, where people get to dance, interact, drink, look at the artworks while having fun, a different, interesting way of spending a great night!

DSCN0643 DSCN0712

*Be aware, it is not always open to the public, they do open very often to present the various, different exhibitions. But do not give it for granted, check more info about it on its website ( before popping there 🙂


Ilaria RM

DSCN0709 DSCN0722

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