Sagrada Familia

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he Sagrada Familia, the majestic heart of Barcelona.
This amazingly beautiful and modern building can be admired almost from any high spot in the city, and from far it looks a little like some wet sand a child poured down from his fingers to create a castle.

In the first 6/7 months I lived in Barcelona I liked to admire it from outside and see it sticking out between the bulding, when on a high spot.
However just recently my family came over to visit and they wanted to see it absolutely, so I went with them.

Once you get closer, the spectacle is breath-taking.
The coordination of lines, the geometry and simmetry of each bit leaves you speechless.
It is incredible how such an artist managed to imagine and develop such modern and futuristic columns, followed by all the colorful windows.

DSCN1000 DSCN1002

The construction of the Basilica began in 1882 and is expected be completed in 2020.
Gaudì has decided to enrich its intention to perfectly combine nature and religion with bizarre and vivid colors.

It has 3 facades, each representing respectively the birth, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
The 18 towers, in order of height, are the 12 apostles (the lowest), the four evangelists (represented by the four drawings of the man, the bull, the eagle and the lion), the Virgin Mary and the highest and most important : Jesus Christ.
The towers are less high than Montjuïc for a metre, since Gaudí believed that his work should not surpass that of God.
The towers are topped with clusters of grapes of different colors, representing the spiritual fruit.

The central aisles are still under construction and are characterized by columns recalling huge trees and a ceiling that seems covered with giant sunflowers.

The ability of Gaudí to recall nature everywhere in such a spiritual place is impressive, in fact, the two come together, giving a general harmony and serenity to the place and to the people in it.

However the thing that I liked the most, was certainly the light coming in from the huge colorful windows, giving different shades of colours, which seems projected digitally from how amazing they are.

The only flaw that I feel I must say, regards the opportunity to climb up one of the two towers open to the public, which clearly implies a surcharge of € 5.

Once at the top, what you see, is practically zero, and after tasting a meter of space between the crane and the work in progress, you descend.

So if I can give you some advice, forget the towers and rather go to Montjuic or Bunker del Carmelo to see Barcelona from above, which is definitely nicer and less expensive.

Also because, afterall, the view of Barcelona without its Sagrada Familia in the middle, loses a little its charm, a bit like Paris when climbing the Eiffel Tower.

To skip the queue and purchase the online ticket, check the official website out:

I hope you enjoyed my article and my photos.
For any comments or questions, please contact me 🙂
Un beso

laria RM

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