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One of the first things you’ve to deal with when you move to another country is to learn their language.

I’ve always liked spanish and I’m so glad I arrived here already knowing some of it.
However I do feel like wanting to help you my dear outsiders.

Barcelona is the heart of  Catalunya, so my work isn’t finished now that I know pretty well Castellano.
I am starting to feel part of the community and therefore starting to understand also what they say Catalan.
Some expressions are rather similar to Italian, like ‘fa fred’ which means ‘it’s cold’ in Catalan, it’s simply ‘fa freddo’ in Italian.
I find it harder than Castellano, just because it seems like they speak faster and cut the words I’m usually used to hear, but by accostuming the ear, everything is starting to make sense.
This is why I advise you to start with baby steps and learn first Castellano, which is still talked everywhere in Catalunya and might be easier, and then, when enough confident, switch to Catalan.
In Barcelona there’s plenty of opportunities for free or low cost language courses, mostly if you’ve the NIE (which by the way, is mandatory to have after 3 months of residence here, and needed to be hired for jobs and get healthcare for free).

Good Luck with your learning! 🙂


So why wait further? Check this video out for some basics of spanish, you probably will need it this summer to have the perfect one!!

Enjoy and please feel welcome to share any similar content which might help our community of expatriats and tourists to learn more and facilitate our experience here!

Ilaria RM

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