Centro de Arte – Mutuo – Julia Portet, 5

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Is it just me, or the more things are particular and different from the usual, the more I am enthusiastic about them and feel like it’s worth going and take a look?!

As I already mentioned, when I was little I remember watching movies such as Sex and the City or Devil wears Prada and being fascinated by these amazing young women going to art galleries and enjoy a good talk, a few laughs, meeting new people, drinking a Cosmo and maybe even flirting, rather than just going to clubs or bars.

Mutuo Art Centre is this, an agglomerate of different styles and art concepts in the heart of Barcelona.

map mutuo

Each week they come up with some cool event, which combines greatly, creativity, interaction between people and the art surrounding them, cool music, a well organized staff and often some free vermut.
The perfect experience in an inspiring place, where you can just go and have fun with your friends.


In order to know what is going on there each week, check their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/centrodeartemutuo?fref=ts
or their official pagehttp://mutuocentro.com/

DSCN0886     DSCN0893

If you are lucky and you really like to get involved with art, sometimes they do Live Paintings and they let people go crazy with their fantasy and get interactive art works out of it.
Maybe looking a little primary schoolish haha, but it can be your chance to improve the level of the outcomes.


What are you waiting for?


Ilaria RM


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