La Bascula de la Cereria – Carrer Flassaders, 30

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In the world there are thousands of different people with different habits and different interests.
Well, there is one thing that unites them all, creating inter connections of different tastes, cultures, races, moments: food.


Not for nothing the best advice ever given, is ‘eat pray and love‘ (beside being the title of a movie with the wonderful Julia Roberts).

There are people who prefer salty food and those who love to sink into sweet. I honestly have never been so much into sweets and cakes, but the day I find something I really like and hits me, I fall in love with whatever it is and feel loyal to the plate or delight forever.

My friends, in fact, always smile while looking at me going like a ‘flipper’ (pinball) around Barcelona,  moving from store to store, cabin, kiosk or supermarket, depending on what I love inside it and want to purchase.

Well, the other day, I was at the Greek restaurant eating with some friends, and suddenly one decides that not entirely satisfied by the dinner, he wanted some ‘postre‘.
Normally I do not have high expectations when it comes to go crazy on sweet stuff, but the place where we took was so cute and so little mainstream and simple, that I must recommend it.

“La Bascula de la Cereria”
Carrer Flassaders, 30 – El Born


This place beside being furnished with nice, simple old doors, painted and re-used as tables, stools, common tables to share with other people and which get you to network when filled  up, offers amazing cakes such  as:

chocolate queso limon mascarpone

Chocolate, mascarpone, lemon, cheese and topping of white chocolate


The classical cheesecakes with different toppings, and many others.
Each slice costs around 4-4.50€ but are entirely worth them ( given that I’m not a fan of those things, I give you my word that you won’t regret it).

However, if you are also more keen to salty things, this place actually makes vegan food to satisfy any palate. Such as:

torre melanzana calabaza queso con cabra y pesto

Tower of eggplant (aubergine), goat cheese, pesto and pumpkin.

The walls display different exhibitions which change every now and then.
Right now there are some very cool pictures exposed, which are cool to look at while enjoying whatever you are eating. It gives you a sense of relax, serenity and peacefulness, which is ideal while having food.

DSCN1158DSCN1157*DOGS ARE ALLOWEDED IN, so why not bring your loyal furry friend with you to some vegan/cakes tasting?!

So what are you waiting for?
Go try out and let me know which cake you liked the most or send me some pictures of your  favorite (or better looking) pick with the respective ingredients, and I will include them in my article 🙂
Waiting to hear your opinions!


Ilaria RM


2 thoughts on “La Bascula de la Cereria – Carrer Flassaders, 30

  1. That cake looks great! La Bascula is one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona. Next time you’re there I recommend you try the vegetable quiche which is excellent.


    • I will, thank you so much for your contribution and comment 🙂
      If you are into vegan food, I just published a new article about another of these veggie places I found.
      Amaaazing smoothies 😉


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