Veggie Garden, Carrer dels Angels 3

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Hello everybody, here I go again with a new thing I love to do and that I want to share with you.
Our beloved Barcelona, beside being an amazing city with beaches, bars, cheap beers and tapas, great events, interactive and great to be experienced exhibitions, design clothing collections, music all over and much more; it has vegan spots here and there.
This time I want to speak about Veggie Garden.
10987464_1183904095028318_4387977011807400561_nmapOne day I was walking with two friends of mine searching for a place making real natural smoothies at a decent price. After we headed to our first options (which were closed due to very narrow opening hours), my friend decided to walk even farer to reach this ‘cool’ place he knew about. This cool restaurant of very simple appearances and interiors, offer a wide menu of tasty vegan receipes, like hummus, salads, vegan pizzas,
970485_513152555416892_686619502_n    11358605_10153287940835791_347568634_n

However what I love the most, is the amazing juices, milkshakes and SMOOTHIES they make.
blog2Natural ingredients and great tasting fruits ready to be whisked.

My favourite one is:
orange juice
mango (a lot)


A big one costs 4.95€, however there are cheaper alternatives, this one is the one including 4 ingredients of your choice.
11831658_10153170439969094_6266354397570694396_nThe experience isn’t finished yet, once you get your favorite drink, you can go to one of the most cultural spots of Barcelona, the MACBA – Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona.
DSCN1321DSCN1325DSCN1326One of the most common and used mean of transportation in this amazing city beside the bicycle, is the skateboard (or longboard).
Any stair, ramp, step, wall is worth the attention of the lovers of this sport.
Around Barcelona you can see horders of skaters move around or do crazy (or more modest) stunts and performances.
blog3blog4MACBA is the most famous spot, where everyday skaters meet up to share a chat, some new moves, practice, sit and do nothing, like in my case and have a great fresh nutrient smoothie. 🙂
DSCN131311040751_10153057425735791_698028622_nIlaria RM

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