Parc de l’Estacio’ del Norte

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One of the best, most attractive side of Barcelona, it’s the huge amount of green areas.
Once you know the most famous parks, such as Park Guell or the most famous of all, the Park of la Ciutadela, you realise that they’re overloaded with people selling beers or trying to distract you in order to rob you (which sounds exaggerated, but you’ve no idea how many friends have been recently robbed under their noses).

So you can imagine my astonishment and surprise when while going to my usual spot with my dog in the Parc de la Ciutadela, I encountered another one, much smaller on my way.

El Parc de L’Estacio’ del Norte.
parc de l'estacio nordLocated not far from the Metro Stop: Arc de Triomf.
The architects Andreu Arriola, Carme Fiol and Enric Pericas used the land freed up around the former railway station, the Estació del Nord, which closed in 1972, as the site for a 5-hectare park, where there would be enough room for large grassy areas and trees.
The North-American sculptor, Beverly Pepper, gave decorative form and personality to a green area which eventually opened in 1988 and was expanded in 1999.

images Façana_principal_estació_del_nord_bcn

A small, delightful park, sunny but with shady areas, so that everyone is happy.
An artistic spot which combines the contours of the land with art, creating a park of extreme delicacy, where decorative forms make a walk through the large grassy areas a pleasure for the senses.

Opening Hours:

December, January & February, daily from 10am to 6pm.
March & November, daily from 10am to 7pm.
April & October, daily from 10am to 8pm.
May to September, daily from 10am to 9pm

*However, in Summer, it does stay open longer, until people are in it.
I spent many evenings there and at 11pm when I left, it was still open.

35077059 DSCN1525

On the shady side of the park, a series of graduated sloping rings runs parallel to a descending spiral of trees; on the sunny side, the grassy area features volumetric earth mounds which follow the contours of the land, representing a fallen sky covered with small shards of sky-blue ceramic tiles.
This sculptural ensemble by Beverly Pepper is indeed entitled Cel Caigut (Fallen Sky), and is clearly inspired by the style of Gaudí.

But the best part isn’t the aesthetics, nor the serenity and the quietness of this place, if not the fact that everyone brings there, their beloved dogs and leave them free to interact and play.
DSCN1527We know already that spending time with pets is terapeutic, so imagine enjoying the air and the sun while seeing dozens of free dogs jumping, running, smelling and having the best time of their lifes, while the owners chill and keep an eye on them from far.

Many people not owning a dog, go there to still get the chance to play with other people’s ones.


This sense of peacefulness and trust between owners, dogs and the rest of the people, gives you a sense of security and relax, so since the day I discovered this spot, I never went to another park again.

So I hope you will also go check it out, and maybe you will love it as much as I do, or you might even see me sitting on the grass with Marley 🙂 .

Ilaria RM

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