PicMonkey CollageEach time you move around the world, there’s always a list of aspects you wish to encounter in your new city/country.
For me, what is essential in the place I live, is the sea.

11027487_10153155750925791_5813254462186483877_nBarcelona is usually overcrowded with people mostly in la Barceloneta due to its closeness to the centre and to the various several bars and restaurants.
However I normally prefer to go either to Bogatell, Poblenou etc which are less packed with people and therefore less achievable for the thieves.

In one of my little adventures in the city searching for new places, I decided to enter the metro and go to the last metro stop of the purple line: Badalona.


This little adorable city is just what you need if you want to escape from the frantic style of life and wants some peace and quiet.

There’s not much to see, but the beach is amazing and the main street leading you from the metro stop until the beach is filled up with colorful lanterns and shops.


DSCN1558 DSCN1564

You can easily find very cheap fruit-to-go, which in summer is a must if you want to survive to the warmth and have an energy boost pre or after tanning.


After the beach you can get lost in the little streets going here and there, stop at any of the many restaurants and bars and have a little snack or meal.
I had huevos rotos con patatas y jamon and as a dessert I bought 5-6 churros for only 1.50€.

But the best spot is certainly this amazing bridge running for several hundreds meters, which is refreshing and windy and gives you a great perspective of the coast.
The sense of freedom felt while standing there, is incredible!



Never went to Badalona or just passed by, but never really cared to stop?
Ahora es el momento 🙂


Go check it out and take a breath!
DSCN1619 Enjoy and let me know how you liked it!


Ilaria RM



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